Google wins more with iOS that with Android


$ 550 million Google would have won between 2008 and 2011 in downloads for Android, four times less than that represented Apple hardware products in the same period.

Google earns four times more money from mobile advertising products for the Apple devices running Android. The data arose from the trial being carried out by Google and Oracle (owner of Java), which is longstanding and for which they had begun to cross proposed resolutions to slow down the proceedings. In one report that Google slipped to Oracle, it was revealed that the Mountain View company had earned $ 550 million for Android devices between 2008 and 2011

As recalled by the Guardian, the same Larry Page, Google CEO had mentioned gains of up to 2 000 500 million dollars earned by Google's mobile products in 2011, which, with some numbers in the air, Android bring to reason $ 10 per year for each unit with the OS from Google (almost 250 million units). But apparently not so well.

Devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPhone using products like Google Maps and search engine in the Safari browser, and are products such as those which generated the bulk of the profits from Google on mobile. The 315 million IOS devices would then be responsible for filling the main Google Accounts, leaving far behind the estimated 250 million Android devices activated until late January.

While Google is not said about it, has not published detailed information on their profits in the mobile sector, particularly those that deal with selling and advertising apps on Android.

In the year 2014 more than 3000 million dollars will be sold in games for tablets


The consultancy Juniper Research issued a report which estimated that the gaming market for tablets exceed the 3000 million in revenue for 2014.

Since launching the first iPad in 2010, Apple not only defined a new way to interact between users and information, but also generated new business opportunities for large numbers of developers.

While early versions of the iPad it resembled rather an ebook reader with Internet browsing capability, subsequent developments showed that application was also an interesting option for casual gamers, and many other utilities. And now with the launch of the iPhone with its fantastic screen and ample processing power, the Apple tablet has become a strong competitor in the portable game consoles.

That's what the consultant says Juniper Research, which produced a detailed report on projected sales of video games in tablets through 2016, estimating that annual sales of $ 491 million in 2011, by 2014 will be sold 3000 million dollars in gaming for tablets.

Among the arguments of the consultant mentioned that the owners of tablets are typically high-income users, with more money available to spend on applications: "The tablets are expensive devices that are typically sold at a price of around $ 500 without the subsidies that apply to telephone operators smartphones. Their owners tend to have a level of expenditure above the base of smartphone users. So often spend more on game downloads and subscriptions to online games, compared to other demographics. "

In addition to that already reached technical maturity to "play seriously" (without thereby having to belittle the many casual gamers developments for, as the paradigmatic example of Angry Birds), another advantage of the tablets is its comfortable size and interface. According to Juniper, "users can clearly see the action on screen, no matter what the size of their hands."

Beyond any temperature problems and not always the touch interface can replace a good joystick, we believe that Juniper Research forecasts will come true due to the explosive growth of the market for tablets. The original report was presented on January 10, when no one imagined that the new iPad broke all sales records, surpassing the most optimistic expectations. And expect a significant rebound with the launch of Windows 8 and the appearance of tablets from multiple vendors running on Android.

But above all things, we believe the revenue will actually billionaire for two reasons: first, because the games are much cheaper compared to prices of other mobile console manufacturers like Nintendo and Sony, and second, because the tablets ( and especially the iPad) are superb devices to play, at least for casual gamers as usually most of the users of tablets.

Nokia improves navigation systems throughout the series Lumia


Drive Applications, Maps and Transport updated to provide an optimal navigation service across the range Lumia.

One of the strengths of Nokia smartphones has historically been the quality of its navigation services. So no surprise that in an effort to regain lost ground, the company has decided to optimize applications Drive, Maps and Transport for all your online Lumia.

Nokia Drive 2.0 provides as major new offline GPS navigation (available in Nokia's previous models but applied for the first time under Windows Phone 7.5). Once downloaded the map of the region, it is necessary to use an Internet connection to search for addresses, plan routes or modify them. This is very important to tourists, who otherwise were unable to use the service or had to pay a high cost for the 3G connection necessary for navigation.

The new Nokia Maps, in addition to showing the current state of traffic in many cities worldwide (including, for example, Mexico City) now includes the ability to store "favorite" and share them via SMS, e-mail and social networks.

Finally, Nokia Transport is a very useful software for travelers as it provides information on public transport in over 500 cities in 46 countries. That way you can get directions from one point to another in a city using trains, subways or collective, without additional downloads: data from all cities are built into the application.

Improves with each Lumia range becomes more attractive. With the imminent arrival of the Nokia Lumia to Latin America, this service can make a big influence on purchasing decisions with respect to other smartphones, of course if offered at a competitive price and if the maps are to match what Nokia we have come to the region.

Sony says that the technology of the Nokia 808 Pureview " is not not new at all "


A Sony spokesman said the winner smartphone at MWC 2012: "technology is nothing new, is something that our cameras have been doing for a year"

With its huge 41-megapixel sensor and Carl Zeiss, with the ability to capture very good records in HD, and its "innovative" PureView technology, the Nokia 808 was able to win the hearts of the Spanish event Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, For almost a month.

But there is always someone who comes to the hours of completion of the party and you said that the pizzas were not as rich. Always. And in this case is that Sony puts into question what PureView innovator. Remember, PureView is an enlarged capture method, which loads with more pixels, thus for sharper images and better quality.

"It's nothing new, is something that our cameras have been doing for a year," he said without flinching a spokesman for Sony in its British subsidiary, Paul Genge, adding that Nokia uses the technique of oversampling, which is the use of algorithms for the sensor, but tiny for its resolution, is able to collect as much information as possible in a single pixel and to get a result with more "pure" and less noise.

Sony uses for its part, the "pixel digital zoom" technology similar to PureView, but that groups pixels to increase the sensitivity of the image. The problem is that Sony (or the gentle Genge) did not mention that the "old technology" and use their products does not apply to smartphones of the Japanese, as if any of the Nokia 808, but applies to Sony cameras. We are talking about much smaller sensors, which we could match the loudmouth Sony spokesman, "is not innovative, but it's mobile sector, so I can understand why they had so much attention."

Windows 8 defies to the "super-resolution" of the new iPad


The interface will support resolutions Metro 2560 x 1440 pixels on screens up to 27 inches, according to a Microsoft Developer. The minimum resolution of Windows 8 will be set at 1024x768.

The resolution of the new iPhone hits everyone. Microsoft does not want to be left behind in the fight of the resolutions and said that Windows 8, will work on PCs and tablets alike, will support resolutions up to 2560 x 1440 pixels, very close to 2048 x 1536 the new iPad.

"Some may be curious about the new iPad pantalal. For this screen, Apple chose a scale factor of 200%. The new screen has double the pixel density (133 pixels per inch against the current 234) in the same screen size, "explains in a post David Washington, a senior program manager at Microsoft.

"In the case of the iPhone 2, compared with the new Iphone, the scale factor of 200% means that what we see in 1024 × 768 is the same as we see in the new resolution, but more crisp because more pixels are used. In addition, resolutions high pixel density as the new iPad, game developers and other performance-critical apps must decide the right balance between size and accuracy to deliver the best experience, "he added.

According to the post, the maximum resolution that can offer Metro, the visual interface of Windows 8 is 2560 × 1440 pixels on a screen of 27 inches. However, it can change the scale factor so that the tablets or other devices may have a higher density of pixels per inch, increasing the fidelity of the image when zooming is performed at some point on the screen.

Also, Washington indicates that the minimum resolution that Windows 8 will offer 1024 × 768, which is already standard in web pages, because to view 800 × 600 content less. For its part, the maximum resolution that mentioned on the previous page can be viewed in larger screen sizes, but probably will break the image.

In the case of tablets, the minimum resolution of 1366 x 768, which allows multi-tasking and snap function (make the app run in the side of the screen, such as in Windows 7), which is the standard resolution of HD tablets on the market today at a size of 10 inches.

Microsoft and Nokia will invest 18 million euros in applications


Companies allocated 9 million each in a program of support and development of mobile software for operating systems Windows Phone, Symbian and Series 40. Seeking to reach IOS and Android

Nokia companies and Microsfot App created a program called Campus to be held in FINLAND Aalto University, which allocated a total of 18 million euros for development of applications.

Both companies will contribute 9 million each to create more programs for Windows Phone operating systems, Symbian and Series 40, whose stores currently has fewer options than their main competitors.

The objective of this program is to provide theoretical and technical support, financing, access to networks and business development for mobile applications, and the beneficiaries will be the Aalto University students may participate but people around the world.

Those interested can take part in this development project applications can check the conditions on the website Campus App.

This program will last three years, and with Microsoft and Nokia are looking to push the development of applications for their operating systems, which have fewer compared to existing Android and IOS.

Several Hollywood studios have sought agreements with Megaupload


According to information revealed by the New Zealand Herald, the portal could possess emails that demonstrate the interest of big Hollywood Mayors by close business deals. Also seek to prove that about 490 accounts belonging to members of the MPAA and RIA and more than 15,000 accounts belonging to U.S. military have some 340,000 files uploaded to the site.

The New Zealand Herald reported that Rapidshare could possess emails show that several major Hollywood studios sought trade agreements with the portal, accused by U.S. courts for crimes related to violation of intellectual property rights.

These messages have been sent by senior executives from Disney, Warner Bros., Turner and Fox Boradcasting, studies that had previously complained about violations of copyright. These messages are called to the site of Kim "Dotcom" Schmitz share content and advertising into agreements jointly.

As revealed by the publication, Warner Bros have expressed their intentions to raise the platform hosting all the files into a single action, rather than video video, while Fox and Turner would have asked discuss joint advertising projects.

Megaupload defense attorneys believe that about 490 accounts for the site belonged to members of the U.S. Motion Picture Association (MPAA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIA). These accounts have risen a total of about 16,455 files to the site.

Also seek to prove that 1,058 portal users belonging to U.S. government institutions, among which are the FBI, NASA and the U.S. courts. There is even talk of the existence of 15,634 accounts belonging to U.S. military, which have risen 340,893 files to Megaupload.

Dotcom was the father of twins last week, is currently on probation with electronic monitoring pending the start of the extradition process, which is stipulated to start next August.

Employees of Facebook paint a code giant QR in the ceiling one his buildings


The code is painted on the roof of one building in Menlo Park, California, and is 12 meters 80 centimeters across.

Employees of the social network carried out the installation of this code under the Space Hackathon, just launched by Mark Zuckerberg, and if you scan the code directs us to the Facebook page FB QR Code.

The initiative came from Mark Pike, an employee of the Engineering area of Facebook, who explained the details on the blog of the business section of the social network. "It started as a comment on a post of 'Zuck'" says Pike, in which he proposed to draw a QR jokingly, for example directing people to the Careers Site. The comment had his 15 minutes of fame with 50 "likes" to which Pike charged with creating a group, it still was not sure to carry forward the idea. "When more than 100 people came together, started the game," said Pike.

The project already underway, one of the team's engineers realized that the simpler the URL that the code should go, the less complex would be the same code, which would result in less paint and more chances that the QR could be read from space (given that the plans were ambitious).

Engineers, designers, operations team members, chalk, rollers, black paint and some beer did the rest. For the night was over the code, and drew a picture, but it was not until the other day they could see if they had succeeded or not. During the morning adosaron to a Canon SD790IS cuadcopter and captured the moment. The QR Code was a success and is now on the roof of one building in Menlo Park.

Angry Birds Space reaches 10 millions of unloads in only 3 days


The figures released by Rovio confirm the success of mobile gaming franchise.

Angry Birds Space, the latest release of the hit video game franchise Rovio, reached 10 million downloads in just 3 days. The figures were revealed by the company's official Twitter account of the arcade.

This mark means a confirmation of the success of angry birds, who have the same number of downloads with their version "Rio" in 10 days. Much of this success is due to several reasons: The new game system, which incorporates changes in gravity, secret levels and new skills to the now famous group of birds (very different from the versions can be found in Rio and Seasons , which show almost no differences with the original version), a very oiled marketing strategy (Rovio has seized on as few companies in the mobile world the image of your product, creating all sorts of allegorical merchandising that includes dolls, T-shirts and even candy) and a string of hits that have become chained to an Angry Birds "app" obligatory on every smartphone that boasts of such.

Simultaneously released for Android, IOS, PC and Mac (while waiting for soon to be available for Windows Phone), Angry Birds Space, both free and paid version, seems destined to be one of the great events of 2012. So we can be sure there will be exemption from deranged group of birds and pigs for a long time.

Android's new version newly would come in the second semester of 2012


Jeally Bean, the OS 5.0 update Google, is delayed and only come to light between June and September. Since the company expect Ice Cream Sandwich is more prevalent in the market to launch the new software

For some time Google is developing the new version of its mobile operating system Android 5.0 Jeally Bean, it was announced that hit the market in early 2012.

Finally, the software comes late and is newly available in the second half of the year, there is speculation that could occur between June and September, a time later than stated in the original plan.

This delay in the launch is that since the company want to wait for Ice Cream Sandwich Androd 4 is consolidated and is the predominant version in the platform.

Also, since Google does not want to show the latest progress until Apple does not present the new iPhone, which would be released in October, same month launched iPhone 4S.

NVIDIA threw the new GeForce GTX680, the most powerful up to the date


The firm says its latest nortenamericana GPU performance is almost 50% higher than its nearest rival, the Radeon HD 7970.

The brand new GeForce GTX680, the first GPU-based graphics architecture Kepler was launched yesterday by NVIDIA. According to the company it is the faster and more efficient PC gamers created to date, combining superlative performance with low power consumption.

On the Kepler architecture, Solange Consens, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at NVIDIA for Latin America, said: "The new platform is one of the greatest technical achievements of our firm to this day because it brings tremendous gains in performance and exceptional efficiency. Gamers love GTX680 performance and that does not require a noisy fan or power sources exotic. "

According to figures released by NVIDIA, the GeForce GTX680 is 43% faster in games of last generation compared to its closest competitor, the Radeon HD 7970 and consumes 28% less energy. It also offers twice the performance per watt than the GeForce GTX580, the flagship of the family fermi it replaces.

Some of the new technologies included in the GeForce GTX680 are:

-A new multi-block flow, known as SMX (for its acronym in English), which delivers double the performance per watt compared to previous generation products

- Special components of card, including sinks and pipes acoustic heat dissipation High efficiency enabling a silent gaming

- NVIDIA GPU Boost, which dynamically adjusts GPU speeds to maximize gaming performance

-New technologies and TXAA FXAA VSync and Adaptive antialiasing to improve visual quality without sacrificing the gaming performance

-Support for up to 4 monitors - three of them in 3D - on a single card for 3D gaming experience massive

-Made with the new 28-nm process from TSMC, with support for PCI-E Gen 3 and DX11.1

As for availability, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680 is now available for all major card manufacturers worldwide, including ASUS, Colorful, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Innovision 3D, MSI, Palit, Point of View, PNY , and Zotac. The estimated price for the American public is $ 499 USD.