Android's new version newly would come in the second semester of 2012

Jeally Bean, the OS 5.0 update Google, is delayed and only come to light between June and September. Since the company expect Ice Cream Sandwich is more prevalent in the market to launch the new software

For some time Google is developing the new version of its mobile operating system Android 5.0 Jeally Bean, it was announced that hit the market in early 2012.

Finally, the software comes late and is newly available in the second half of the year, there is speculation that could occur between June and September, a time later than stated in the original plan.

This delay in the launch is that since the company want to wait for Ice Cream Sandwich Androd 4 is consolidated and is the predominant version in the platform.

Also, since Google does not want to show the latest progress until Apple does not present the new iPhone, which would be released in October, same month launched iPhone 4S.


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