In the year 2014 more than 3000 million dollars will be sold in games for tablets

The consultancy Juniper Research issued a report which estimated that the gaming market for tablets exceed the 3000 million in revenue for 2014.

Since launching the first iPad in 2010, Apple not only defined a new way to interact between users and information, but also generated new business opportunities for large numbers of developers.

While early versions of the iPad it resembled rather an ebook reader with Internet browsing capability, subsequent developments showed that application was also an interesting option for casual gamers, and many other utilities. And now with the launch of the iPhone with its fantastic screen and ample processing power, the Apple tablet has become a strong competitor in the portable game consoles.

That's what the consultant says Juniper Research, which produced a detailed report on projected sales of video games in tablets through 2016, estimating that annual sales of $ 491 million in 2011, by 2014 will be sold 3000 million dollars in gaming for tablets.

Among the arguments of the consultant mentioned that the owners of tablets are typically high-income users, with more money available to spend on applications: "The tablets are expensive devices that are typically sold at a price of around $ 500 without the subsidies that apply to telephone operators smartphones. Their owners tend to have a level of expenditure above the base of smartphone users. So often spend more on game downloads and subscriptions to online games, compared to other demographics. "

In addition to that already reached technical maturity to "play seriously" (without thereby having to belittle the many casual gamers developments for, as the paradigmatic example of Angry Birds), another advantage of the tablets is its comfortable size and interface. According to Juniper, "users can clearly see the action on screen, no matter what the size of their hands."

Beyond any temperature problems and not always the touch interface can replace a good joystick, we believe that Juniper Research forecasts will come true due to the explosive growth of the market for tablets. The original report was presented on January 10, when no one imagined that the new iPad broke all sales records, surpassing the most optimistic expectations. And expect a significant rebound with the launch of Windows 8 and the appearance of tablets from multiple vendors running on Android.

But above all things, we believe the revenue will actually billionaire for two reasons: first, because the games are much cheaper compared to prices of other mobile console manufacturers like Nintendo and Sony, and second, because the tablets ( and especially the iPad) are superb devices to play, at least for casual gamers as usually most of the users of tablets.


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