Windows 8 defies to the "super-resolution" of the new iPad

The interface will support resolutions Metro 2560 x 1440 pixels on screens up to 27 inches, according to a Microsoft Developer. The minimum resolution of Windows 8 will be set at 1024x768.

The resolution of the new iPhone hits everyone. Microsoft does not want to be left behind in the fight of the resolutions and said that Windows 8, will work on PCs and tablets alike, will support resolutions up to 2560 x 1440 pixels, very close to 2048 x 1536 the new iPad.

"Some may be curious about the new iPad pantalal. For this screen, Apple chose a scale factor of 200%. The new screen has double the pixel density (133 pixels per inch against the current 234) in the same screen size, "explains in a post David Washington, a senior program manager at Microsoft.

"In the case of the iPhone 2, compared with the new Iphone, the scale factor of 200% means that what we see in 1024 × 768 is the same as we see in the new resolution, but more crisp because more pixels are used. In addition, resolutions high pixel density as the new iPad, game developers and other performance-critical apps must decide the right balance between size and accuracy to deliver the best experience, "he added.

According to the post, the maximum resolution that can offer Metro, the visual interface of Windows 8 is 2560 × 1440 pixels on a screen of 27 inches. However, it can change the scale factor so that the tablets or other devices may have a higher density of pixels per inch, increasing the fidelity of the image when zooming is performed at some point on the screen.

Also, Washington indicates that the minimum resolution that Windows 8 will offer 1024 × 768, which is already standard in web pages, because to view 800 × 600 content less. For its part, the maximum resolution that mentioned on the previous page can be viewed in larger screen sizes, but probably will break the image.

In the case of tablets, the minimum resolution of 1366 x 768, which allows multi-tasking and snap function (make the app run in the side of the screen, such as in Windows 7), which is the standard resolution of HD tablets on the market today at a size of 10 inches.


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