Several Hollywood studios have sought agreements with Megaupload

According to information revealed by the New Zealand Herald, the portal could possess emails that demonstrate the interest of big Hollywood Mayors by close business deals. Also seek to prove that about 490 accounts belonging to members of the MPAA and RIA and more than 15,000 accounts belonging to U.S. military have some 340,000 files uploaded to the site.

The New Zealand Herald reported that Rapidshare could possess emails show that several major Hollywood studios sought trade agreements with the portal, accused by U.S. courts for crimes related to violation of intellectual property rights.

These messages have been sent by senior executives from Disney, Warner Bros., Turner and Fox Boradcasting, studies that had previously complained about violations of copyright. These messages are called to the site of Kim "Dotcom" Schmitz share content and advertising into agreements jointly.

As revealed by the publication, Warner Bros have expressed their intentions to raise the platform hosting all the files into a single action, rather than video video, while Fox and Turner would have asked discuss joint advertising projects.

Megaupload defense attorneys believe that about 490 accounts for the site belonged to members of the U.S. Motion Picture Association (MPAA) and Recording Industry Association of America (RIA). These accounts have risen a total of about 16,455 files to the site.

Also seek to prove that 1,058 portal users belonging to U.S. government institutions, among which are the FBI, NASA and the U.S. courts. There is even talk of the existence of 15,634 accounts belonging to U.S. military, which have risen 340,893 files to Megaupload.

Dotcom was the father of twins last week, is currently on probation with electronic monitoring pending the start of the extradition process, which is stipulated to start next August.


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