Google wins more with iOS that with Android

$ 550 million Google would have won between 2008 and 2011 in downloads for Android, four times less than that represented Apple hardware products in the same period.

Google earns four times more money from mobile advertising products for the Apple devices running Android. The data arose from the trial being carried out by Google and Oracle (owner of Java), which is longstanding and for which they had begun to cross proposed resolutions to slow down the proceedings. In one report that Google slipped to Oracle, it was revealed that the Mountain View company had earned $ 550 million for Android devices between 2008 and 2011

As recalled by the Guardian, the same Larry Page, Google CEO had mentioned gains of up to 2 000 500 million dollars earned by Google's mobile products in 2011, which, with some numbers in the air, Android bring to reason $ 10 per year for each unit with the OS from Google (almost 250 million units). But apparently not so well.

Devices like the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPhone using products like Google Maps and search engine in the Safari browser, and are products such as those which generated the bulk of the profits from Google on mobile. The 315 million IOS devices would then be responsible for filling the main Google Accounts, leaving far behind the estimated 250 million Android devices activated until late January.

While Google is not said about it, has not published detailed information on their profits in the mobile sector, particularly those that deal with selling and advertising apps on Android.


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