Sony says that the technology of the Nokia 808 Pureview " is not not new at all "

A Sony spokesman said the winner smartphone at MWC 2012: "technology is nothing new, is something that our cameras have been doing for a year"

With its huge 41-megapixel sensor and Carl Zeiss, with the ability to capture very good records in HD, and its "innovative" PureView technology, the Nokia 808 was able to win the hearts of the Spanish event Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, For almost a month.

But there is always someone who comes to the hours of completion of the party and you said that the pizzas were not as rich. Always. And in this case is that Sony puts into question what PureView innovator. Remember, PureView is an enlarged capture method, which loads with more pixels, thus for sharper images and better quality.

"It's nothing new, is something that our cameras have been doing for a year," he said without flinching a spokesman for Sony in its British subsidiary, Paul Genge, adding that Nokia uses the technique of oversampling, which is the use of algorithms for the sensor, but tiny for its resolution, is able to collect as much information as possible in a single pixel and to get a result with more "pure" and less noise.

Sony uses for its part, the "pixel digital zoom" technology similar to PureView, but that groups pixels to increase the sensitivity of the image. The problem is that Sony (or the gentle Genge) did not mention that the "old technology" and use their products does not apply to smartphones of the Japanese, as if any of the Nokia 808, but applies to Sony cameras. We are talking about much smaller sensors, which we could match the loudmouth Sony spokesman, "is not innovative, but it's mobile sector, so I can understand why they had so much attention."


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