Nokia improves navigation systems throughout the series Lumia

Drive Applications, Maps and Transport updated to provide an optimal navigation service across the range Lumia.

One of the strengths of Nokia smartphones has historically been the quality of its navigation services. So no surprise that in an effort to regain lost ground, the company has decided to optimize applications Drive, Maps and Transport for all your online Lumia.

Nokia Drive 2.0 provides as major new offline GPS navigation (available in Nokia's previous models but applied for the first time under Windows Phone 7.5). Once downloaded the map of the region, it is necessary to use an Internet connection to search for addresses, plan routes or modify them. This is very important to tourists, who otherwise were unable to use the service or had to pay a high cost for the 3G connection necessary for navigation.

The new Nokia Maps, in addition to showing the current state of traffic in many cities worldwide (including, for example, Mexico City) now includes the ability to store "favorite" and share them via SMS, e-mail and social networks.

Finally, Nokia Transport is a very useful software for travelers as it provides information on public transport in over 500 cities in 46 countries. That way you can get directions from one point to another in a city using trains, subways or collective, without additional downloads: data from all cities are built into the application.

Improves with each Lumia range becomes more attractive. With the imminent arrival of the Nokia Lumia to Latin America, this service can make a big influence on purchasing decisions with respect to other smartphones, of course if offered at a competitive price and if the maps are to match what Nokia we have come to the region.


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